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Intellectual property

Below is a non-exhaustive list of trademarks and service marks owned by Golden Life Trading SL in relation to the Apesyto brand.

You may not use the marks below without the permission of Golden Life Trading SL. If you are licensed and use the following symbols only in publications published in the United States, enter the appropriate ™ or ® symbol for each use. These signs must be clearly visible. For publications outside the United States, the use of the ™ notification symbol is acceptable. It is also appropriate to use the trademark letters in the following lists instead of trademarks:

  1. For registered trademarks: Apesyto is the exclusive registered trademark of Golden Life Trading SL and is used with the permission of the company.
  2. For unregistered trademarks: Apesyto is the exclusive trademark of Golden Life Trading SL and is used with permission.

For the Apesyto logo, please also indicate that the logo is protected by copyright. This can be done with the combination symbol „™ & © Golden Life Trading SL” or with the following explanation (in addition to the trademark above):

Copyright [year of first publication] Golden Life Trading SL All rights reserved. Can be used with permission.

Excluding a product, service name, or logo from the list below does not constitute a waiver of any trademark or other intellectual property rights in the product, name, or logo.

If you see a website or application that misuses the trademarks of Golden Life Trading SL, we’d love to hear about it. Report the misuse of the Golden Life Trading SL trademark to

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