Golden Life Trading S.L.

Income Statement

As an Apesyto Partner, we provide you with the opportunity to purchase Apesyto products distributed by Golden Life Trading SL at a discounted price, and you have the opportunity to earn money to build and maintain your own income or create a growing sales organization to do so.


As our partner, you will only be entitled to pay commissions after purchasing the product. We do not pay you a commission simply after sponsoring or recruiting others.

Our partners can schedule and choose for themselves how and when they want to work. There are no income guarantees and the successes achieved after each performance may vary.

We provide a money back guarantee on all purchases, and if someone is not satisfied with our product, we will refund them the price of the product.

Our partners do not have to keep stock or buy a special starter pack at the time of registration. The registration fee is a one-time fee of 55 €, includes the fee for becoming a Partner, the use of our system. You can buy the selected products later from the amount paid for the club cards. If you are already our partner, we guarantee discounted prices in Apesyto webshops and buy-back guarantees.


There is no guarantee that you will be able to make the most of the Apesyto / Hybratrins opportunity in terms of income and will be successful. The success or failure of each of our Partners, as with any other business, depends on how each Partner can make their professional knowledge and personal efforts profitable. The income levels we display for Independent Entrepreneurs (Partners) are examples only and should not be construed as typical or average income. Income level results depend on the business skills of each Independent Entrepreneur, their personal ambition, time spent, commitment, activity, and demographic factors.

Apesyto is committed to meeting all legal and compliance requirements in the direct selling industry. For the sake of the Company’s legal position and our independent associates, we have developed the MyApesyto Income Disclosure Statement (“IDS”) to prevent unreasonable income claims. The purpose of the MyApesyto IDS is to display real information about the income from the MyApesyto Compensation Plan. This information is disclosed after the close of each business year.

Please note that these figures do not represent the profits of the associate, as we cannot take into account the costs incurred in operating the associates or promoting their businesses . Data refer to gross income (total income before expenses). The costs associated with running an Apesyto business for an associated independent company vary widely. The cost of self-employment can be hundreds or thousands of euros a year. Estimated costs should be considered when planning for potential profit. Such operating costs may include advertising and promotional costs, product samples, training, travel, telephone and Internet costs, business equipment, and other costs. According to a survey conducted by our company in 2019, the average annual cost of an Associate Independent Contractor was EUR 1,608. The income of the Independent Representatives in the table we have prepared does not necessarily represent the income that you may have actually earned on Apesyto’s further recommendation or that we actually paid to you as a commission through your participation in Apesyto’s compensation plan.

These figures should not be construed as guarantees or forecasts of actual income or profits. Any representation or guarantee of income would be misleading. The success of Apesyto is only the result of successful sales efforts that require hard work, diligence and leadership. Your success depends on how effectively you practice these qualities.

In our experience, the formula for success = (3 x ATTITUDE) x (1 x ATTITUDE)