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The Best Choice of the Conscious Customer, the card that provides an immediate purchase discount!

These days everything in the world is changing faster than ever, whether we look at technology, commerce, or the latest marketing doctrines. Every day brings something new! Many companies, and most people, do not like change, as the average person likes security, stability, peace of mind.

Have you ever in the last few years been approached by a close or distant acquaintance with a sensational business offer?

Did you say no right away?

Or did you try it but you didn’t have any good results?

It’s not hard to list the reasons why someone doesn’t want to get involved in a new businesses or why they were unsuccessful:

  • The price to join the system was too high.
  • They didn’t want to buy products they weren’t sure they needed.
  • They didn’t want to offer products to their friends that they didn’t need.
  • They didn’t want to sell products or recruit people at all.
  • They don’t have time to go to meetings, trainings, or agitate after a day’s work.

We could list reasons for a long time, but we won’t. It doesn’t make sense to do so, because our offer is incomparable with any European and international markets at the moment!

There is a permanent element in our business too: its proven to humanity for thousands of years! And this element is none other than GOLD! In addition to permanence, our concept is based on megatrends such as social media, the alternative health industry, the information revolution, and e-commerce! Thanks to the speed of these trends, our concept is always evolving!

Therefore don’t be afraid of change, because uniformity makes you powerless! Believe in your goals and want to take action to achieve them!

Buying a card as an Apesyto Family Member
* The Apesyto Family member enjoys already the advantages of the Apesyto Family membership! The Apesyto Family members can make their purchase with a significant discount on a wholesale price in our web shop. Moreover we offer further opportunities (like bonus, voucher, affiliate) to reach the most advantageous price, under the condition that you buy your Club card, the price of which is redeemable.
Buying a card as a distributor
* A distributor can build his own network as a member of the Apesyto Family, can purchase with wholesale prices and furthermore he can come by various opportunities (like bonus, voucher affiliate) and commissions too. One of the conditions is that you buy your Club card, the price of which is redeemable.

Please click on a card to retrieve more information and the advantages.

Apesyto Member Family Card

10% 1 Year

Eligible for commission as part of 1 wing in the propeller
50 € / 150 € / 350 €
  • 1 x BOOM
Apesyto Premium Family Card

15% 2 Years

Until 3 months eligible for commissions from min. 2 wings of the propeller
500 € / 1.500 € / 3.500 €
  • 2 x BOOM
Apesyto Elite Family Card

21% 5 Years

Until 6 months eligible for commission from min. 3 wings of the propeller
5.000 € / 7.500 € / 10.000 €
  • 3 x BOOM