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Shipping and payment information

Modes of transport

In the Apesyto webshop you can choose between several delivery methods:

The webshop will deliver your order to FoxPost parcel machines by courier service, to your home with GLS couriers , or to the requested address, but you can also choose a GLS ParcelPoint.

FoxPost parcel machines:

If you choose FoxPost vending machines, you can return your return free of charge.

What exactly do you know?

FOXPOST is a simple and time-saving package collection method. Ask for your order at any FOXPOST parcel machine so you don’t have to wait for the courier all day. You can pick up your ordered products at any time during the opening hours of the shopping center. As soon as your package arrives, FOXPOST will send you a notification via SMS and a unique code with which you can receive it for 3 days.

Important: at vending machines, you can only pay with a credit card.

A package can weigh a maximum of 25kg and a maximum size of 60x36x62 cm.

You can pick it up in 1 working day!

Once we have handed over the package to FOXPOST, they will deliver it to the vending machine within 1 working day.

Free return

You can return your package via the FOXPOST machine for free for 14 days from the date of receipt (if you originally received the product from the FOXPOST machine). You can do this easily at any FOXPOST machine by re-entering the unique package receipt code.

Where do you find it?

There are more than 60 FOXPOST parcel machines nationwide and the list is constantly expanding! This solution provides you with perfect convenience as there is no more queuing, administration and waiting.

Find the vending machine closest to you!

List of FOXPOST parcel machines

More information:

Delivery fees (in case of delivery address in Hungary):

In case of receipt in FoxPost parcel machines:

  • For orders under EUR 100: EUR 5
  • For orders over 100 EUR: free of charge

In case of pick-up in FoxPost parcel machines for Elite club members:

  • free

Home delivery by courier service

Delivery by courier service takes place within 2-3 working days. These packages are delivered by the courier service of GLS Hungary Kft. You can track your package based on the notifications below regarding shipping. The following notifications are conditional on the e-mail address and SMS-capable phone number provided in the order.

  1. Delivery Notification Email: This email will be sent when your package has been prepared and handed over to the courier service at our site. The package is expected to arrive the next day.
  2. Today’s delivery sms and email: This sms and e-mail will be sent to you by the courier service on the day of delivery. In this notification, the courier service indicates the expected delivery time narrowed to a 3-hour time interval. The message also includes the courier’s telephone number, so on this number you can agree directly with the courier making the delivery to clarify the delivery (eg exact delivery time, location). It is very important that you enter your mobile number and email address correctly during the purchase process.
  3. Package Tracking: Based on your Package ID number, you can track where the package is shipped on the GLS Track & Trace page. GLS customer service phone number: +36-1-802-0265 (available: Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 20:00). After your package number, you can inquire at our customer service: +36-20-505-8083

If you are still unable to pick up your package at the expected delivery time or address based on the above notifications, GLS Courier will send you an email after the first failed delivery. You can decide the further fate of the package by referring to the package ID. (eg at a different time, you can request a different address)

The courier service will deliver your luggage on working days, expected between 8:00 and 17:00.

Delivery fees (in case of delivery address in Hungary):

In case of home delivery and collection at GLS Package Points:

  • For orders under EUR 100: EUR 8
  • For orders over 100 EUR: free of charge

For home delivery and pick-up at GLS Package Points for Elite Club members:

  • free

In the case of non-received, returned packages, the return fee is borne by the customer, we can only start resending the package and the cost of the return in advance!

Our webshop reserves the right to fulfill a new order for the recipients of packages returned due to refusal to accept it only in the case of an order paid by advance transfer or credit card.

The above prices are valid only for delivery within the territory of Hungary.

Shipping charges for shipping addresses in other countries:

We currently ship to these 6 countries:

Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Romania: EUR 11

If you request your package abroad, you can only specify a bank card payment method.

Payment methods

Credit card payment: At FoxPost parcel machines you can only pay by credit card

Cash on delivery for orders against the value compensate for receipt of the package or futárnál Point.

In case of online credit card payment you can pay for the products immediately when placing the order using your credit card.

With credit card payment, you can shop conveniently and securely in our store. Card payment is made through the Bank’s secure server, on the Bank’s payment page, which automatically appears after the order is approved. Online credit card payment when ordering: redirected from the webshop to the closed payment interface of SimplePay by OTPMobil. More details here

After entering the required bank card data, clicking on the Payment button will execute the payment, the success of which will be sent by the system, and then you will be redirected back to the web store, where you will also receive a confirmation of the payment. If the Bank rejects the credit card payment for any reason, the Customer may also pay for the order via the link in the confirmation e-mail. (Not only can you use the following payment method with a Credit Card, if you have a Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron and Maestro Card, the following payment option is the fastest and most secure for you.)

Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use can only be accepted if their use is authorized by the bank issuing the card! Please check with your bank to see if your card can be used for online purchases.