“Great Game” – also for “little ones”

As all investments like gold or other precious metals investment can bring profit or loss. The gold price, however – apart from some irrational speculation of intemperance – has been on a steady rise for decades.

Few reasons for the “small investors” for why you should opt for gold buying.

All about gold
Still good "go into" option
Gold is overpriced according to some analysts in the current cca.1.350 dollars / ounce level, others think, however, that there is still considerable potential for investment. But one thing is sure: gold is a finite commodity. The current mining capacity is will be exhausted in 15-20 years' time. Then the global investor society will be divided into two parts: gold owners and those who want to own gold - the only question will be at what price will they be able to access it.
Secure, good yield
Gold is not only a realistic alternative to dollar-based money market instruments, but it can also perform well against investment instruments denominated in other currencies. (Although investing in gold does not pay interest, but this was largely compensated for, since while the other financial products carry a significant risk, gold is a ’largely relaxed’ form of investing - That is, owners have to worry less compared to their peers who have other form of investment.
Reduced volatility - less excitement
Gold is less a volatile investment instruments, than equities and most commodity investments. Accordingly, the ideal investment for those who avoid the major risks in connection with their savings the important values are security and tranquility.
Smart alternative
Although there is no direct link between gold and other financial products, gold was always a traditionally popular "escape route" for the investors - especially when the stock markets are going down.

An “unbeatable” small investor strategy

Anyone who has ever traded knows that short-term speculation is double-edged sword: it can be won, but it may be the end of the fall. Therefore, in contrast to short-term speculative buying, we definitely recommend the continuous expansion and construction of a long-term gold portfolio. We do not need a large amount, in fact, we should follow exactly the opposite way of thinking: there is no need to buy a large amount of gold at one, but rather buying regularly (weekly, monthly) for smaller values. In the long run, by purchasing gold this way, the values of individual purchases will be equalized and we will most likely be able to protect ourselves from being exposed to daily exchange rate fluctuations.

The numbers speak for themselves

Since the dawn of mankind is estimated that 171 300 tons of gold have been mined in the world.
90% of the gold brought to the surface of the Earth so far has been mined after the great California Gold Rush.
100 million people around the world depend on gold mining.
The brick-sized gold bars weigh 400 ounces according to the "London Good Delivery" standard.
The legendary Fort Knox fortress 4,600 tons of gold are kept in extreme security conditions.
It is estimated that gold mined since the dawn of mankind could fit in a 20x20x20 meter giant dice.
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Facts about gold

Gold has always been the epitome of stability of value, since the world began. Looking back hundreds of years gold has proven a reliable and predictable investment.
The inherent security of gold is caused by its independence. The value of gold is recognized and guaranteed everywhere in the world, regardless of a country's political system, economic situation, different currencies, different cultural traditions or other circumstances. Products audited by the London Stock Exchange are taken over, bought, accepted anywhere in the world.
A person who has gold always has money! Gold is traded 24 hours a day across the globe. Gold is the only truly international currency, which can be sold, liquidated anytime, anywhere in the world.
Despite all the fluctuations in world market prices that have taken place in the past, the value of gold is stable in the long run.
Gold Standard
The national banks use the gold as a collateral security. Many investment experts say individuals should also keep 5-10% of their assets in precious metals. It is advisable to build up private gold reserves by gradually buying smaller quantities over a longer period of time, thus offsetting any exchange rate fluctuations.
Value of 42.5-ounce gold is 100 years ago and also today is sufficient for a car purchase.

Elite Gold

Current Exchange Rate

GoldEUR 71.04   per gram